Hand Knotted Twine Bag

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These hard-knotted twine bags are made from Abaca leaf stalks which are a by-product of banana leaves.

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This hand-knotted abaca twine bag with drawstring closure is a great way to decorate an event in an unique way to present wine bottles. It can be varied in terms of shapes and sizes giving endless possibilities.


  • Some best uses:
    1. Wine Bottle holder
    2. Decorations
    3. Weddings
    4. Store Jewellery and other precious things
    5. Events

1 review for Hand Knotted Twine Bag

  1. Mike Jolley (verified owner)

    It\’s so great to hear some new music from Woo! I couldn\’t bring myself to give it five stars though because… I WANT THE WHOLE ALBUM!

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